Products & Services


Aggregate mining and natural aggregates are the backbone of almost every Colorado infrastructure project. As the operator of multiple aggregate facilities in the Front Range, Schmidt Construction is uniquely positioned to supply aggregates throughout the region.

Our natural aggregates are of the highest quality. Our testing services allow us to meet the needs of all of our customers.


Great Colorado road construction starts with great Colorado asphalt, and Schmidt Construction Company provides the finest asphalt mixes in the region. With our two continuous-mix Colorado asphalt plants, Schmidt Construction meets the specifications of each and every client, delivering high-quality asphalt mixes that fit every kind of project.

These two state-of-the-art plants provide a wide variety of hot asphalt mixes, including commercial mixes and customized Superpave mixes for highways and parking lots. Our quality control technicians inspect every order to make sure it lives up to the exacting quality and dependability standards we have relied on for decades.

In our continuing efforts to provide the best customer service and highest quality products in the market, Schmidt Construction is also continually looking for ways to innovate in the area of asphalt manufacturing.


If you drive roads or highways in Colorado’s Front Range region, or park your car in one of its parking lots, the chances are you’re on pavement constructed by Schmidt Construction Company. We are leaders in Colorado road construction, with technical services, quality control teams, expert project managers, and experienced paving crews that provide durable, quality products.

We pride ourselves on innovation. We develop new construction methods and paving materials in-house that are designed to meet specific projects.  Schmidt Construction Company builds reliable and lasting roads and parking lots.

This dedication to innovation and customization means we can offer products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We continuously monitor customer satisfaction through project review evaluations.